Skin Cancer Assessment & Treatment


The doctor begins his examination with an assessment of your risk profile.

You will be asked about:

  • your past and current sun exposure
  • your personal and family history of skin cancer
  • any other factors that may be relevant.

Next, the doctor will examine your skin. You may request partial or complete examination (down to undergarments). Please note, skin cancers can occur in places not exposed to the sun – even between the toes and under the breasts in females- so the more skin that can be checked, the more thorough your examination will be.

The examination is by visual inspection. Dermatoscopy (using a hand-held magnifying instrument with or without applying oil) over the skin under bright lighting is also used. Any suspicious or doubtful lesions that are found may need to be biopsied. That is, a very small sample of tissue will be taken for analysis.


Your doctor will discuss the options available to you and will make suggestions along current best medical practice guidelines.

Various surgical and non-surgical treatments are available, including cryosurgery (freezing) creams and laser, to suit your individual needs. Referral to cosmetic or other surgeons may be recommended so that you can achieve the best result for your skin condition.

The cost of your treatment will vary, depending on the severity of the skin cancer and the type of treatment used. Some rebates are available through Medicare, and the clinic is more than happy to discuss payment/treatment options.